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ECBF Annual Dinner 2023

7th February


About 40 friends and supporters came together for an informal evening to celebrate the Year of the Rabbit at the Chinese Community Centre - Birmingham.

Zo Hoida, the Co-Chair gave a review of ECBF activities in 2022 and our plans for 2023. Current plans include seminars/webinars on tourism covering Henley Passport Index and tourism to and from China. ECBF will also continue to run an entrepreneurial event and a property event towards the end of 2023. The main highlight for 2023 is Afternoon Tea at the House of Lords on 15th May to celebrate ECBF 10th Anniversary .

Dr Yeow Poon, President of ECBF, gave a keynote speech on two issues that impact on UK businesses trading with China. The first issue is that although we need to have some degree of economic resilience for security reasons, how realistic it is for the UK to decouple from China in the short and medium term. The second issue is how likely will there be a war over Taiwan, which will seriously disrupt supply chains and disastrous for the global economy. The speech is archived here

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