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ECBF welcomes people who are interested in working, sharing and collaborating with others on business activities between China and the UK

We are a group of people who passionately believe in collaborating with each other to share experience and stimulate business opportunities, both large and small, between England and China.  We believe in building and sustaining long term business relationships that result in mutual benefits.

The aims of ECBF are to:

  • provide a platform for Chinese and British businesses and professionals to meet, share, collaborate and create opportunities

  • encourage Chinese and British students to experience business culture and practice in the UK and China

  • contribute to collaborative efforts by appropriate local and regional bodies in the UK and China


ECBF was launched in Birmingham in 2013.  Since then ECBF has organised regular events on doing business and making investment to and from China.  We place great emphasis on ‘You can do it’ by inviting experienced British and Chinese businesses and professionals to share their practical experience of doing business both in the UK and China.


ECBF has active local groups in Birmingham and London.  The local groups meet regularly to plan events.  


All the Directors and members of ECBF work voluntarily on ECBF matters and activities.  We do not have a membership fee nor a members roster.  We encourage people who want to encourage trade between England and China to get together, get organised and start doing things collaboratively.

Please get in touch if you like to know more, join one of the local groups, form a new group or be invited into the ECBF LinkedIn Group.


ECBF is registered as a not for profit limited company and the current Directors of ECBF are:

  1. Dr Yeow Poon,  President

  2. Mr. Bill Good, Vice-President

  3. Ms Sophie Christopher-Bowes, Vice -President

  4. Ms Zo Hoida, Vice-President

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